Monday, August 25, 2008

Frustrated with work.

I got called off today for the first 8 hours. I didn't get to work my overtime day yesterday because there weren't enough patients. So I have to use 8 hours of PTO time today to cover it. I'm frustrated because I'm trying to save every hour for maternity leave. I'm already going to be 8 hour short as it is. Now I will be 16. I'm signed up for overtime on Thursday too so I guess there is still hope that I can get some of my hours back. There really isn't anything that anyone can do about it, if there aren't enough patients then all the nurses can't work. I had the least amount of call off hours so I was up. Hopefully it won't have to happen again.

No baby news. She's been pretty quiet in there today. Maybe she's a mellow baby? Let's hope!

Off to work. Love you all!

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