Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back from South Carolina

We got back last night from South Carolina from Tiffani's boot camp graduation. It was so great to see her!! She is on her way to Houston right now for AIT. She got her phone back this morning so I was able to text her this morning. Justin came home last night. They both look so skinny! Justin will be here until after Christmas.

I will be 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I can't believe it. It seems to be going so fast! I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday. I think I will start every two weeks after that. It seems like she will be here so soon I need to start getting things around for her. I'm going to spend most of my day tomorrow doing that and packing to move. I close on my house on Wednesday. Hopefully we can get it fixed up to move in before Thanksgiving.

Love you all!

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Derek and Stacie said...

Congrats on the casa! I want to see some pics:) I am very excited for you and Avery!!