Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A pic and an update

Just thought I would put up a picture of my expanding belly. This was taken today at 34 weeks 2 days.

Had my 34 week doctors appointment today. I'm measuring right on track and her heart sounds great. She checked her position. She is head down "very low" the doctor said with her back on my left and arms and legs to the right. Now I know what all that pressure is I've been feeling the last two days.

Avery will definitely be here before January 1st! I talked to the doctor about that today and she said she would induce so I have her before New Years. How crazy to know in 6 weeks she will be here, no matter what.

She gave me all the instructions for going to the hospital if I think I'm in labor. Crazy! It seems to have came out of no where! :) I have another appointment in 2 weeks. They will check me for Group B Strep and do an internal. After that I'm down to weekly appointments!

Love you all!

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