Saturday, January 24, 2009

No news is good news!

Nothing new to report! Avery is getting so big and growing like crazy! She is giving lots of smiles now when you talk to her, especially in the morning. She's awake more during the day now.

She is getting over a little cold. Two nights ago she was up for the whole night minus an hour! That was a rough night for mom. She slept so much better last night but she did get up 3 times. She normally only gets up twice. It was fine with me, I'd much rather take that then up all night again. My throat is really sore today so I'm wondering if I'm getting what she had. No wonder she was so fussy! It hurts!

Avery is currently getting bottles of pumped milk during the day and nursing at night. I'm really sore and bleeding. I'm healing though so hopefully we can get back to more nursing during the day. I figured re-introducing the bottle would be a good idea since I will be going back to work at some point. She is doing good with the bottle but still, I think, prefers me. Pumping and then feeding her is very time consuming. It's worth it though.

Hope all is well with everyone! Love you all!

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