Monday, July 13, 2009

A long weekend!

Grandma R went back home Sunday morning. We had a very busy 4 days while she was here and did a lot of running around. Aves was a trooper even though she got really fussy sometimes. We went up to Northern Indiana for my cousin Anita's wedding. I got a couple cute pics of Avery there. Of course, none of the wedding.

Tell me she doesn't look so cute and innocent there! Of course she does, if you think different I'll dot your eye! Those cheeks! This was soon followed by a meltdown that was then followed by a brief nap in the moby.

I hijacked my mom's camera since she has a good one and took some pics of Aves. This is one of my favorites of the two of us:

These are some more favorites:

Another week over, another week closer to starting my new job! I'm getting really nervous! I have to schedule my physical and what not for sometime soon. I seem to have so many little things to do that I never seems to just do. I'm sure they wouldn't take me long at all. I would just rather play with Aves when I'm home or relax when she's napping. Someday. :)

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Lyla Ann said...

Yeah yeah!! Back to pediatric nursing...the best place to be. I am so happy for you. By the way I switched blogs and am making a new one for Lyla.