Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So I've been eyeing this place

that has an old wagon. It's the local produce stand. They have this really great old truck parked behind it too. I've been itching to put Avery in it and take some pictures. I waited until after they were closed today and got Avery ready for some pictures.

See, cute wagon. Add one uncooperative child and...FAIL. I MIGHT have salvaged a few.

Actually, I think I might kind of love the one of her in front of the wagon. I do wish she would have been more cooperative. I only took about 9 pics, two of them test shots. I think the truck would have been super cute too.

I took this pic as an after thought as we were leaving. Old truck, old wagon I had such high hopes. Maybe we'll try again at a later date.

(Oh, click on them to make them bigger.)

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