Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crunch time

Who am I? What day is it? And why am I still awake?

It's down to the wire around here folks. Which means, I'll give anyone a big fat kiss and booby honk if I could just get a few hours sleep. And a diet coke. Because I think this love affair with diet coke runs deep.

WHY IN THE NAME OF CHEEZE WHIZ AM I AT WORK TONIGHT? Oh you know, I'm just moving 6,000 miles in THREE EM EFFING DAYS!!!

And I work tomorrow night too....yep, I know. Slow learner. Also? I like to torture myself.

I ran around like a lunatic most of the day today. (Yesterday, it's after midnight, but still my today since I haven't been to bed so shut up.) And I also thought all day that it was the 28th, but knew it was Friday. My dad's birthday is the 29th, today was actually the 29th. ::facepalm::

(10 minutes passes)

Oh, sorry, I got distracted staring off into the abyss. My brain checked out there for a second.


Tonight is going to be rough.

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