Monday, August 15, 2011

When is enough, enough?

My life has been stuck in a cyclic pattern for over 3 years.

Being nice.

Having doubts.


Building strength.

Moving on.

Being happy with life and not having any doubts.

Late night phone calls from unknown numbers.

And then it all starts again.

I'm breaking the cycle. I'm done. Saturday I changed me phone number and email address.

That unbelievable guilt is back that I feel every time the calls start again. But I'll deal with it again and know that I am making the right decision for my daughter. And I'll also know there won't be a next time. Because now I just live on an island in the Pacific. There is no number to call to make me upset. There is no email address to flood with messages.

If you need my contact information, please email me through the blog and I'll get back to you. (In the process of switching everything I lost all my phone contacts. If I had your number before, could you please message it to me again? Thanks.)


Mom/Grandma said...

i need you email

Lisa said...

Like a thousand other times I've said this you are strong and you go girl. Josh just asked me yesterday about your number.

J said...

I know that you are strong, and that you know you deserve better than the shit you left behind. I'm so glad that you and A are moving on with y'alls lives!

Sending y'all love and good vibes!!