Thursday, August 6, 2009

We're on the injured reserve list...the both of us.

Ave somehow cut her finger in the bathtub tonight. I didn't even realize she did it until I was drying her off. I'm all what's that on her face? Meh, and proceed to dry her off. Took me awhile to realize it was blood because it was so watered down with drool because my child is a leaky faucet. I'm proud of myself, I stayed calm. I always wondered what I would do the first time my baby got hurt. I thought I would be all HOLD THE PHONE!! CALL 911 THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!! Instead I kept my cool and Grandma was the freak out. Now I think the challenge is going to be keeping the thumb out of her mouth until we can take the band-aid off. Bring on the duct tape!

I hurt my shoulder yesterday playing with Avery. I think I just pulled some muscles lifting baby buddah in the air. It seriously EFFING hurts! I'm talking good thing I still have some of the good drugs from squeezing the spawn out hurts. I think I need some muscle relaxers, but do you think I'll go to the doctor? PSSSSHHHH. It's true, nurses make the worst patients. Instead I'll just b!tch and moan about it until it feels better. Yep, b!tch and moan so if I talk to you regularly in real life, prepare yourself. And don't roll your eyes at me. I know you're thinking it "what a baby". It's my SHOULDER! I lift fat old people all day at work and come home and lift baby buddah who is built like a brick sh!thouse all night. It may take awhile. :)

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