Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Bill O'Reilly is a douche.

Or made a douchey comment.

Have ya'll seen the preview for the new Jennifer Aniston movie? I'm no feminist but I love that Jennifer stood up for women that choose to go the parenting route alone. I jokingly refer to Avery's dad at "the sperm donor" (of course not in front of her, and I know I know, it has to stop) and I would like to think that I chose to be a single parent. You know, since he offered to pay to "take care of it" the day I found out I was pregnant. ::insert eye roll here::

Bill O'Reilly shot back with this: (from "Last week, on his Fox News show, The O'Reilly Factor, the host called the actress's comments "destructive to our society," and accused her of "diminishing the role of the dad."" Does he not think that men that don't step up to the plate are destructive to our society? How about men that lie about their identity to skip out on their responsibilities? Maybe the role of my child's dad wouldn't be diminished if HE WAS AROUND.

I'm not sure why this irritated me so much and yes, I know both my links were from People. What can I say, guilty pleasure. ;) Pile this on top of my irritation last night at the grocery store and I'm just itching to tell someone off. I took to twitter with my frustration last night.

"Dear lady at grocery, your eyes do not deceive you. My child is black (biracial), i am white. Take a picture. Signed, welcome to 2010"

Maybe I should have told her that, then the open mouth stare would have been validated.

(Two posts in one day???? INSANITY!!!) (Confession: I'm killing time waiting for Tosh.0 to come on. Did I tell ya'll that I love that show?) (Fact: I use ya'll way more than necessary, I blame it on my country upbringing.)


Mom/Grandma said...

I almost think the "donor" father is better than the father that is, around, so to speak, but chooses to have little or no contact with his child. Makes promises that he can't/won't keep, leaving the child heartbroken because daddy was a "no show". I know it is hard to be a single parent, but it is harder on the child to have the part time, when it fits in my plans father.

jen said...

I agree with you mom, but find it irritating that I AM diminishing the role of the father or whatever Bill said. I think he did a fine job doing that on his own.

Mom/Grandma said...

Yes he did, and looks like a complete a@@ for saying it. Is dead wrong and a moron. Right along with the "lady" in the store.

Amanda said...

We live Tosh.O !! It seems to brighten your day watching people do stupid things! Glad to hear you enjoy it also!