Sunday, March 20, 2011

A kinda long, way overdue, kinda update.

Yeah, I know, right? But where did Jen go? Or maybe you didn't care. Whatevs.

Things have been busy around here. There have been numerous changes. Most of which I'll be labeled an even bigger bitch for talking about right now. Cryptic right? I know...I'm so goth...pfffft.

And if I can be completely honest? I've just plain not felt like blogging lately. Everything I have to say lately has been grumpy and bitchy anyway. And who wants to hear that? Yeah, all y'all that's who.

And I feel like I've had to be in mamma bear mode lately. Mess with me but don't mess with my kid, mkay?

And it's been so NICE outside! Wait...what? Yep, I'm talking about the weather. How effing lame am I? But Avery and I have been outside for a week at least. Walks, and parks, and lunches, and bikes, and rollerskates (with helmets!), and yard work, and watering plants, and planting new things. It's been so much fun just being with her.

I have a certification exam I'm studying for. Everytime I have a free moment I've been opening a book or website on the subject. I have about a month to get it in. I'm hoping I can do it faster than that so I can move my attention to other, more pressing, matters.

So, sorry y'all. Kinda. But I'll be back to myself...soon.

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andygirl said...

honey, I did miss ya. but you take all the time you need. good luck on your exam and soak up your little one!