Sunday, May 22, 2011

I need your help

I had a thought sneak back into my head the other day.

Going back to school.

I've considered nursing school. But what do I want to do with a masters in nursing? Teach? Be an NP? Work in an office? I'm not even positive I want to get a masters.

But, what about photography classes? I could learn so much more and be doing something I really enjoy. Do they offer online photog classes? I don't have the time or patience for live classes right now.

Which to choose? Or both at the same time, or separately?

All I do know for sure is my nerd bug has been biting recently and I feel the need to scratch.

And my shutter finger is getting itchy. I'm going to go out exploring for cool new areas to shoot eventually.

1 comment:

Mom/Grandma said...

Both!! You are good at both and who knows you may be able to bring you photography into your nursing!