Saturday, May 21, 2011


We aren't liked here.

We're main-landers. My family is a military family.

We're the minority.

Hawaiians don't want us here. They would very much like all of us main-landers to go back to the main land and let them be their own country free of the US. I guess it never occurred to them how much the US, the military in particular, pumps into this economy. Without tourism and us "outsiders" this island state would collapse.

So far I haven't noticed it a lot, but Thursday and Friday I spent most of the day trying to get my RN license in Hawaii. Something, I've been told, that would have been much easier if I was a local. Nonetheless, Friday afternoon I finally annoyed the office to death and I got my license. I haven't yet started my job, but I'm curious to see how I will be treated there.

Hawaii doesn't have enough money to run most public offices and schools on Fridays so they have "furlough Fridays". Everything is closed. But because this is an aloha state they spend Monday and Tuesday recovering from the 3 day weekend and Thursday preparing for the 3 day weekend. So work really only gets done on Wednesdays. They also embrace the aloha with 2 hour lunches everyday.

Don't get me wrong, it is nice living in such a laid back, relaxed place. Until you want to get something done. Until your job calls you and says that you have to have you license by Tuesday or they can't hold your position and you call the Licensing Division and they could give two shits less. Then you devise a plan with your brother-in-law to zip tie the lady and hold her hostage until she issues your license.

I'm only 20% joking about that last statement.

In spite of not being wanted here by the locals, Avery and I are enjoying ourselves here. It is such a different culture from the midwest. We even went to a southern baptist church last Sunday. That's weird, right? A southern baptist church on an island in the middle of the pacific.

And when Avery wakes up in an hour or so? We're headed back to the beach!

I know,'s rough right?


Canadian Bald Guy said...

Yeah...sounds like you're having a brutal time in Hawaii. Hope you at least TRY to enjoy your 2-hour lunch breaks and 3-day weekends.


Jen said...

Oh, CBG, I'm a nurse. We work nights, weekends and holidays. And this job I work days AND nights. Which will be totally awesome switching. ::eyeroll::

Eileen said...

I officially can't see anything other than the word 'beach' in this entry...jk, I feel your pain. I've traveled places where I wasn't liked simply because the color of my skin. It sucks. Keep us updated!