Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm salty tonight. and exhausted

It's still 11/3 here. Soooo technically I didn't miss a day yet. I wonder how I change the time zone on my blog.


I worked a 16 hour shift last night/this morning. Sweet, right? Right. Except then work screwed me and called me off tonight. All of which would have been time and a half. Boooo.  But, I'm grateful for the 4 hours of double time anyway.

Tomorrow I have to go find a formal dress. Wish me luck. Muh ladies don't do formal dresses well. Then tomorrow night I volunteered at the church until midnight. Date night and I'm keeping everyones kids so they can go out. Yep, the whole ::gulp::  Good thing Tiff and Brandon are playing ride along.

Today at school, Avery told her teacher that her favorite food was grapes. Proud mommy moment. Also? I promised to go buy grapes for her tomorrow. But I guess there could be worse things she wants.

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