Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're going green : )

Lucky you! You get three posts today!

Our house is making a conscious effort to be more earth friendly. I've been working on this for a couple months, I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with some of the small changes I've made. My goal is to add one new environmentally friendly thing a month. This month was increase my recycling. The last two weeks I have had less than a half a bag of trash. My recycling bin is overflowing and they don't come pick it up until Friday! Yay! Technically I did two things this month. I switched Avery to cloth wipes as well as cloth diapers. Going great. I just throw them in with her diapers, no big deal.

Last month I eliminated paper towels and plates. I still have a few left, but once those are gone...no more. I also made sure all my accounts were signed up for paperless statements. I created a folder in my email to keep all the statements so I don't get those in the mail anymore.

Next month: earth friendly cleaners and watching my electricity consumption. I may add another one next month. I am looking into reusable sandwich bags.

Any suggestions? I would love to hear 'em!

Hope you all are well and Happy Earth Day tomorrow!

Love you all

Allergy season...

...and well, Avery's got 'em. Poor baby has had a runny nose for a week. She woke up with her eyes gooped shut yesterday morning. Took her to the doctor today to make sure it wasn't her ears (she's been pulling the one) and her ears look fine. She's too young to give allergy medicine too. I feel bad that she just has to suffer through it. I've been cleaning out her nose a lot to at least make breathing a little easier for her. I hope they get better soon.

Reusable sandwich bag giveaway!


I get another entry if I write about it in my blog. :) I really want to try these out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oprah today

I just got done watching Oprah today. I had to DVR it because Avery has been oh so pleasant this afternoon. It was all about motherhood and the things they don't tell you before you have kids. I have to say, it was refreshing to see all those other mothers talking about their own personal stories. The whole time I couldn't help but think...most of them have HUSBANDS. Yes, I went there. Maybe I'm just being a bitter old hag, maybe I'm just sick of this super clingy baby I've had the last few days, but their husbands seriously don't help AT ALL? Not one diaper change or one bottle? The book they talked about on the show, "I'd Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper" seemed to hit it on the head for everyone in the audience. What if you don't have either? I know, boo hoo quit being a baby but really their husbands have to be of some use?

Yes, I have moments when I wonder what in the hell I signed up for. I have never struggled so much emotionally, financially, physically, and even socially. Would I trade it? Nope. Is it because my child is only 4 months old? Probably. Ask me again when she's a teenager. Maybe it's because I just got lucky and she has been a relatively good baby thus far. I kind of just wanted to say boo freaking hoo there are two of you, figure it out.

This post really has no purpose and probably doesn't even make sense. I'm really bored right now. Avery is sleeping on me, I told you she has been super clingy. This has been the only way I can get her to sleep all day. If I move her she cries. I'm trying to get her nap in because we have family pictures in a few hours. Maybe I'm just a bit bitchy because I'm really thirsty and I have to pee....

Just a few pics

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fluffy butt!

I have been toying with cloth diapers for a couple weeks. I was discouraged because she kept leaking. Spent a few days in disposables and today gave it another go. Finally figured out how to get them not to leak and she's been in cloth all day! Yay! I love her little fluffy butt. I wish I had a sewing machine, I'm sure I could figure out how to make them myself for a fraction of the cost. I'm thinking of getting some cloth wipes as well. They can be thrown in the wash with the diapers so there would be no more carrying dirty wipes to the trash. Hmm, one step at a time I think.

We are doing well here! Aunt Tiffi is home and Aves is loving spending time with her. Aunt Lauren is on Spring Break so she's getting extra love there too.

My little monkey butt is in need of her long afternoon nap so I'm going to go work on that. Hope all is well.

Love you all!