Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Avery Grace

I had a laundry list of names before I even knew her gender. For girls I had Paisley, Lainey, Brooklyn, Landry and a few others. I think it was 6 total once I found out she was a she. I knew I wanted her middle name to be Grace or Ruby. Ruby is my paternal grandmothers name. She was a big part of my life growing up. I liked Grace because of a bible verse I had heard and really liked. I started going back to church while I was pregnant and I realized that having her middle name as Grace was really important to me. I hope to use Ruby at some point in the future.

For boys I only had two: Liam Michael and Corbin Anthony. I'm not sure why I liked the name Liam, looking back I think it would have sounded bizarre with my Amish last name. Michael is my paternal uncles middle name. He was killed in a car accident when I was in high school. He was only 8 or 9 years older than me and I can remember playing in the yard with him all the time at my grandparents house growing up. I still love the name Corbin and may use it in the future. My dad's first name is Anthony and I think it fits well with Corbin. I was 90% sure Avery would have been Corbin Anthony if she ended up being a boy.

Future Children

Do you know something I don't? IF I am ever blessed with more children I'm not sure what I will want to name them. I still want Corbin Anthony on the back burner just in case. I also think now that maybe Ruby would be cute as a first name, like grandma. I guess I just always see the little girl Ruby in my head as a barefoot, blond, straight haired kid. A stark difference from the child I knew I was carrying at the time. I knew that there was NO WAY the child I was carrying at the time could even possibly turn out like the Ruby in my head.

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Mom/Grandma said...

There were several names that we threw around when we were expecting you. Danielle Nicole was my first choice. Your Grandpa couldn't say Danielle it alway came out as Daniel. lol So it was back to the drawing board with names. You ended up with the name that really fits you the best out of all the names, Jennifer Nicole. It fits you perfectly!!