Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Foot meet mouth

Remember when I was talking about the oh so beautiful planners? Oh, yesterday was it? I think I mistakenly gave some bad advertisement. :( Did it seem that way? Ooops! I'm soooo sorry. This is part of the comment I recieved last night:

"...these are handmade and very time-consuming. We complete these calendars in-house, from start to finish... from printing to binding. A lot of care and effort is put into each order. You can pay less at Staples, but you will not be supporting a home-based, mommy-run business or getting the extra little details, care, and personal attention that we include...."

When venturing over to her site: {} I found a blog post dedicated to my goof. :( (PS. You really need to follow her blog, trust me, you just do.) I left the following comment:

"I'm so sad right now! This is totally NOT how I meant it to come across. The calendar is ABSOLUTELY worth the price. I meant, and maybe didn't come across as saying so well, that I refuse to spend money on a planner BECAUSE I have a perfectly good one I just filled out with all my information. Granted, it is in fact a generic one that I have ripped out pages and tabbed pages. It's still kind of messy and not perfect which is why the OCD in me screamed when I stumbled upon your site AHHH GOODNESS GRACIOUS I MUST HAVE!! But then frugal, single mamma on a budget in me went "hold on there crazy YOU HAVE A PLANNER". I'm going to post a follow up on my blog explaining my foot in mouth (keyboard in mouth?) so to speak and you will be getting an order from me soon. I'm so sorry!"

Ya'll I HAVE to order one now! Not only have I been drooling over them for DAYS, but I also made it seem that her product wasn't worth the price!! But what's even better??? I can re-color code my planner! (I know, I know I have an illness.)

I'm so sad.



Emmy said...

Thanks for your sweet clarification Jen. I appreciate your proof to my husband that we are not in a "blog war". I am super excited to make your calendar {which I have decided to send you for free}, and I hope you will send me a picture of all your color-coding... I love color coded calendars.

Jen said...

Blog war? Silly. :)

Please don't feel you need to send me the calendar for free. I absolutely want to pay for your hard work!!

Of course I will take a picture of my color coded calendar and send it to you!