Saturday, July 24, 2010


It wasn't an intentional hiatus. More like I have a million things to say but none of which I wish to share with you, interwebz. So, forgive me.

Avery and I have been busy soaking up the summer. This is our (my) favorite time of year and we're outside enjoying it as much as possible. It's absurdly hot right now with a heat index around 104 so we're going outside in small increments. Avery only wanted to swim outside for about 25 minutes this morning and she was done with it. Yesterday it took me all day to get my yard work done because I kept stopping and going to get cooled off in the hose. My yard is finally back in order, it will all be done after my dad comes over today with his weed whacker.

I swear Avery is growing faster than a weed these days. I bought her some gym shorts on clearance the other day and wasn't sure if they would even fit her right now, they seemed a little big. They fit her perfectly. AND she looks like such a big girl in them too.

This is the typical Yo Gabba Gabba reaction at our house and usually the only way I can get pictures these days indoors because she's holding still.

Gosh, she's cute.

This one just makes me smile, it's not mine, I found it online. For the life of me I can't remember where to give credit, but I just found it in my July 2010 folder when I was going through pictures.

Avery has had a few play dates with her friend Mya these last two weeks and I've been planning a return trip to Hawaii in March. Lots of other things going on. Oh, my house is for sale, but we'll talk about that later.

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