Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The post about where I died and went to heaven

There is this lady, she started a business. A successful business. She MAKES CUSTOM PERSONALIZED CALENDERS. Like planners. Like just how you need then. And they're cute. And OH EM GEE I think I might die. Of course the OCD Type A in me was whipping out my debit card and ready to lay down the dineros for a personalized planner. How FREAKING PERFECT would this be?!?! But, hold the phone Betty....48 bucks! And then I got a little sad. I refuse to pay $48 just on principle since I have a perfectly good planner right now that is pretty similar inside, just not decorated all pretty. And it's color coded. Yes, COLOR coded. Work days are in red pen, Colts games are in blue pen, birthdays are in black, payday is green, etc.

And then I started thinking of how I could decorate my already perfect on the inside calender....

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Emmy said...

Oh sad! At first I was so excited to read your post... until I got to the end. I realize that $48 is a lot of money for a calendar, but please know that these are handmade and very time-consuming. We complete these calendars in-house, from start to finish... from printing to binding. A lot of care and effort is put into each order. You can pay less at Staples, but you will not be supporting a home-based, mommy-run business or getting the extra little details, care, and personal attention that we include. Just to show you how much we care about our customers, I would like to offer you a calendar for $25, which is how much you will pay for the one you would buy at Staples, that has a black, plastic cover, cheap quality paper, and no extra details. And to your readers... anyone who signs up to follow my blog {www.confessionsofapaperfreak.com} can receive a $5 off coupon for their next order from Much Ado About You. Hopefully this will make your view of our shop a little brighter.