Friday, September 12, 2008

Got a house and maybe a job!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I got a house! It is one that I originally made an offer on, but we thought they took it off the market. A long story short, it was taken off because they accepted my offer! For 14,000 less than asking no less! Thank goodness! It needs some fixing up, but my dad is going to do that for me! Yay! I'm glad to be one step closer to finally being settled. I have no idea about closing or anything at this point since I just found out I got the house yesterday.

I also may have a job. I interviewed at Cincinnati Children's on Tuesday on the CICU. It went really well. Anna, the manager, was very nice and took a lot of time explaining the unit to me. She sounded interested when I left the interview. She kept introducing me to people and telling them "it's so rare to have a nurse with pediatric cardiology experience". I called the Nurse Recruiter today about a letter I need if I get an offer to get the house finalized. She said "you will have an offer as soon as I check your references". That was promising! The only thing that worries me is that they do rotating shifts. I know right now that I will have a lot of trouble switching from days to nights all the time. I still have other interviews to go to, two of which are only day shift. I'm trying not to stress about that until the time comes. I do love to get ahead of myself though! :)

I'm getting ready to leave work. I'm meeting my dad tonight to get Lauren for the Kenny Chesney concert tomorrow! We are so excited!

Love you all!

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