Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A trip to L&D

I was called off work yesterday for the first 4 hours so I went back to sleep. At about 9 o'clock I woke up with stabbing pains shooting up my abdomen. I got some water and laid back down. The pains continued intermittently in my lower abdomen. When I wasn't having the pains I was having menstrual like cramps in my stomach. I wasn't bleeding. I was called into work at 11. I got up and showered and got ready. Only cramps, no sharp pains. I got to work and parked in the garage. Walking from the garage to my floor I had several of the sharp pains. I got busy when I first got to work because both of my transfers came pretty close together. At 12:30 I decided to call the doctor because they were getting worse when I was up walking around. At 2:30 I called and left another message.

At almost 4 they called me back and wanted me to come into the doctors office and be seen. Not a huge deal since my doctor is right next door to Riley. I handed off my kids and walked over to IU. I had multiple sharp pains walking over. After the doctor checked me she said I was a fingertip dilated and was concerned that I may be contracting. Since the office was closing she sent me to labor and delivery to be monitored. In L&D I was hooked up to the monitor and pretty much just hung out for a few hours. The doctor came in after awhile and said that I was having small contractions and my uterus was "irritable". She wanted to monitor me for a bit longer and recheck me. She said if I wasn't dilated any more she would send me home. After another hour of being monitored the contractions slowed way down and I was still a fingertip dilated. I was sent home with orders to come back if it gets worse or if my water breaks. I was also told to relax last night and today.

I've felt good today. No contractions. I wanted to clean today since it's the only day I will be here on my day off, but I'm following doctors orders and watching a movie in bed. I have phone calls to make about my house so that should keep me busy for a little bit. I'm just drinking lots of water and taking it easy.

I'm so suprised that I held it together! I almost lost it a couple times. Yesterday was an ordeal I hope I don't have to go through again for at least 10 more weeks!

Love you all!

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