Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She is a giant!

I went to the doctor today. The med student came in to ask me questions and measure my fundus. She felt around for a little bit and said she would be right back. The doctor came in and felt my fundus and said "Holy cow". After she measured me, my uterus is measuring 24 1/2 weeks. I'm barely 23. She is officially a giant in there. Found her heartbeat right away which was suprising since she was especially wiggly today. She said it sounded perfect.

I have to go back in three weeks, on the 22nd, for my 1 hour glucose test. I'm hoping things go well and I pass. If I don't I have to go back for the 3 hour test. Not fun. They draw blood during the 1 hour test so the doctor wants to recheck my thyroid again. It's still normal but on the high end of normal. I jumped almost a point last time she checked it.

The nurse told me that I can tour Labor and Delivery after any of my appointments. I may ask if I can go at the next appointment or the one after that.

I think that's all for now. Bye for now. Love you all!

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