Tuesday, February 23, 2010


PROGRESS! The bathroom was even more destroyed then made a whole lot better today! Yesssss. This is what it looked like this morning.

Oh how I will miss you ugly wallpaper. So sorry we couldn't be friends longer even more ugly newly discovered wallpaper on the right.

Avery was telling Grandpa how much she LOVES her new bathroom floor and can't wait to go streaking across it naked for bathtime. (Don't tell dad I took this, mkay? I told him I was just getting Avery, but how cute is this pic?!)

Senora No Pants was telling me I forgot something on my list. She's just so darn helpful.

Look how pretty the new sink is!

Love the floor!

The end of the day. Wall paper is gone, holes are filled, floor done, vanity installed.

I need to sand down the putty tomorrow and paint the walls and new trim. Dad is going to install the light and new mirror at some point. New shower curtain and fixtures and then almost done! I hope I'm able to get the painting done tomorrow. I have to work tomorrow night so we'll see!

I'm going to bed. I'm pooped!

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