Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday "Party"

We had a small get together today for Avery's birthday. I never planned an official party because I thought we were moving. (A post for a different day.)

I threw this together last minute this week. My parents let me have it at their house since mine is so small and I invited the siblings and a family friend.

I have a few pictures but I'm not going to show them to you right now. Why? Because my camera is aaaaaalllllll the way over there and I'm snuggly and warm right here. Did I mention we got roughly 4-5 inches of snow today? Which incidentally is enough to paralyze this city, with more on the way tonight. Did I also mention we got most of it while I was at my parents house? Oh and my cell phone battery died while I was there. Also? The roads were terrible the whole 1.8 miles home. And I wasn't wearing a coat and Avery didn't have a hat. It has been a day.

Avery woke up this morning in rare form. It's like she just KNEW that we had a lot going on today. I got things together to take to the parents and pack the purse for church. I took the bags to the car and started it and she had her socks and shoes back off. Sweet. Put them back on, run into the bathroom and put on some deodorant, come out and jacket is off. Put that back on. Go outside. Forgot the blankie. Go back in. Go out and she's playing in the snow. Brush off her leggings and put her in the car. And on and on and on and on. All day.

She might have actually been worse at her party, after her nap. She blew out her candle but wanted nothing to do with her cake. She was barely interested in opening her gifts. She walked around most of the time with the dust mop and a dollar bill.

Meh, two year olds.

Good thing I picked up another bottle of wine at the grocery today. (Which I almost didn't get because I grew up in Indiana where you can't buy alcohol on Sunday....yes, THOSE PLACES STILL EXSIST!)

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