Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No, no you're still in the right place.

(I would have had this typed out an hour ago, but it's been one of those days. You know those days when the toddler has already had 3 outfit changes and OH EM GEE WHY DID YOU DUMP YOUR MILK ALL OVER THE COUCH! So, sorry for the confusion. I'm going to sit here with my coffee and work on the laundry. And if anyone says a thing about Avery wearing a pink shirt with brown pants and blue socks I will be all WELL IT MATCHED THREE OUTFITS AGO!!!)

It's pretty right?

My dear friend Becca over at The Paro Post has made my blog pretty. Again. She is a design genius. Y'all head over to her shop, Jumping Jax Designs, and have a look around. Odds are you will find more than one thing that you love.

Becca is SUPER easy to work with and has a super quick turn around time.

I'll be heading back her way very soon for a few business cards and a logo. SQUEEE!

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Butterbean said...

so, so, sooo cute!! i absolutely love it!!