Monday, December 13, 2010

The move that wasn't

That trip to Phoenix?


I was unaware that once locked into a contract it could be canceled. It was. I spent 2-3 weeks frantically applying for anything I could find since I had already put in ample notice at my current employer. I took matters into my own hands and got numbers from my recruiter and did my own recruiting. But, now it looks like I will be talking to my boss on Monday morning about taking back that resignation. I hope she is understanding.

That recruiter? Pretty much done with her. How absurd.

So my relocation may have been postponed, but it is NOT canceled. I may just have to wait until I'm in a better situation and my house is sold. Hopefully the spring, after my Hawaii trip.

For now I'm stuck here.

(That's not my pic, it's what I got when I googled snow.)

How gross.


Mom/Grandma said...

Something bigger and better is in the future!! Just be patient and be ready, when it time is right it will all fall in to place and fast.

Butterbean said...

i guess the grass is always greener, because i? would love to be somewhere where it snows. the high is supposed to be 80 tomorrow. 80 degrees in december. mother nature hates me.

hopefully you're on your way to phoenix sometime soon!!

x's and o's!!