Thursday, December 30, 2010

The dark ages.

We've officially been two full days without cable at home.

It's going great.

Avery has asked to watch Dora exactly one time. And she was quite happy with watching her Dora sing along video before nap time.

I think we were watching too much tv around here. Sure it was mostly on as background noise while we were doing other things, but it was on most of the time we were home. Even on nights I worked, it was on in the background while Avery was doing other things and I laid on the couch. Most everything I actually watch is on local tv anyway.

Expensive background noise. And frankly, their customer service was shit.

Avery got a few more videos today that we can rotate. I'm sure in a few months I'm going to want to throw them out the window.

Also? I learned my tv needs a converter box. So, we've had absolutely NO tv for two days.

Right now there is a cinnamon candle burning, hot chocolate beside me, a warm blanket, and itunes on the laptop.

And I'm completely content.


andygirl said...

I refuse to pay for television and haven't since 2002. I have rabbit ears for local TV, but truthfully? haven't turned the thing on in months. any TV I watch now is online.

Jen said...

99% of the things I watch are on local tv and I can watch them online as well.

And it really has been a lovely change. It was always 500 channels with nothing on anyway.

Eileen said...

I just wrote a blog about this because I have cable for the first thing in years, but i'm not really thrilled, and I'd rather just watch most of it online. The stuff that I don't watch online, I can wait or watch on netflix.