Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It took me forever to decide on a name

for my daughter. I had list after list. I wrote them all out first middle and last. I poured over them. It was the only thing on my mind for months. MONTHS! After I settled on one I continued to doubt my decision. I went back and forth. Filling out the birth certificate was stressful. I remember freaking out and crying after I turned it in. But she didn't LOOK like an Avery! She looked like something else. Looking back, I'm glad she has the name she has. She looks exactly like an Avery Grace.

I'm again faced with the stressful decision of choosing a name. No, I'm not expecting another. Good Lord help me if that were the case. Oh, and alert the media. But, we did get an addition to the household.

She's 7 weeks old. We just picked her up last night. I have a short list and I'm leaning towards one but I just can't commit!

::le sigh::

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