Thursday, January 21, 2010

The plague 2.0

Poor monkey butt is sick...again. This time: gastroenteritis, a stomach bug. She's had crazy diarrhea for almost 4 days, vomited a couple times, and has a crazy fever. She's been 103 most of the day. Motrin will bring her fever down for a time, but Tylenol isn't touching it. She's been so incredibly miserable that it breaks my heart. I held her from 1:30am to 9pm tonight. She just moaned and wimpered most of the day. We got home from urgent care at about 8pm and I got her to eat a biscuit and mashed potatoes, drank some pedialyte, and now she's asleep in bed.

The puppy is adjusting ok. I think I've settled on Macy. House training is going better than I thought it would 2 1/2 days into it. She is starting to get the treat after the potty thing. We got some of those puppy pad things because she doesn't seem to get peeing outside yet. She hits the pad more often that not and will go outside to poop most of the time. Not to shabby. Crate training isn't so much fun. She cried FOREVER last night. As soon as she quieted down, Avery was up. Excellent. Now I remember why I don't miss the puppy stage.

That deep cleaning I wanted to get done...oh what Sunday? Never happened. It's going to have to wait until next weekend. I have to work Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Why does that seem like so much? That which doesn't kill us right?

Now I'm in search of a snack since I haven't eaten all day because I've been holding a toddler.

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