Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not so brief synopsis

Last Thursday Avery and I boarded a plane and headed off to sunny Phoenix, Arizona!

The trip there was miserable. Punch me in the face miserable. Avery had an ear infection and I was deathly ill with the plague (tonsillitis - after a vacation trip to urgent care, yes I still have my tonsils shut it). She wouldn't sleep and was incredibly restless on the 4 hour flight. Case in point: psycho baby Avery on her first plane ride.

Ugh. The mere thought of that trip makes me tired all over again.

Things drastically improved once we both got some antibiotics in us and we loved the rest of our trip. We stopped on the way to Tucson and did a tiny bit of hiking.

We spent a lot of time in the car out running all over Arizona and the babies were so good for all of it. On Tuesday we left the kids with Megans parents and headed to:

VEGAS BABY! The 6 hour car trip was fun with friends and we even stopped at the Hoover Dam.

We spent one night in Vegas and drove back to Phoenix. I missed Avery like crazy and couldn't wait to get back to her. That was officially the longest I had ever been away from her. We had a great time in Vegas and it was nice to have some adult time. Thursday we boarded the plane to come back home. Luckily this one went much smoother. She slept, she ate, she played. Her ears seemed to bother her more on this trip but it was a success.

Happy baby, happy mom. ::exhale::

We sat next to this fluffy older black woman on the plane. She told me Avery kept staring at her because she thought she was her grandma. I just smiled an laughed. I wasn't about to tell that poor lady my life story. She was reading the Bible, I couldn't do it to her. She was probably staring at you because you had iPod earbuds in and she wanted to grab them but sure we'll go with your answer. When the plane landed I wrapped Avery up on my back. Much like this:

& proceeded to collect our things. The lady said "That's how the Africans do it. I didn't know you knew how to do that." I'm hip in many circles ya'll.

I digress...

Back to the real world and the mountain of laundry I'm trying to hide from. Worked last night (I bring you this post on 5 hours of sleep, that's dedication) and tonight.

And now I'm going to go peek out the windows. I think the neighbors are moving...

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