Friday, October 22, 2010

Clingy whiney toddler

Holy crazy whiney toddler. Nothing can make her feel better and nothing I do is right.

Welcome to my day yesterday.

I swear to Dove chocolate I was thisclose to losing it.


::hands holy terror cup of milk::

Terror throws milk on floor and screams "NOOOOOO AGUAAAAAA" (Spanglish...FTW)

::gives cup of agua::

Terror rolls her eyes and says "mom. milk"


This continued all day with Dora vs. Spongebob. Fruit snacks vs. string cheese. Purple jammies vs. flowered. I'm all for independence and letting her make her own decisions but enough is enough y'all.

You WILL eat the string cheese in your purple jammies while watching spongebob AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.

On a similar note, I have to get the child out of my bed. She's gotten into the habit of waking in the middle of the night and getting into bed with me. I wouldn't even mind that much if it didn't mean waking up at 0600. Which then leads to me fighing with her to go back to sleep until I get frustrated and put her back in her bedroom and let her scream until she falls back asleep. 0600 toddler temper tantrums are aces.

Listen kid, I'll buy you a new car when you turn 16 if you lighten up a little bit. Mini pony? Lifetime supply of string cheese? YOUR OWN CELL PHONE?!?!?!

It's days like yesterday that I can't help but get resentful. Days like yesterday when it's ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTING raising a child alone. Especially a spirited, independent, stubborn child like mine.

Nothing a glass of wine can't cure....oh wait, then I went to work all night.

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Sara B said...

I know how you feel. I have lots of days where I feel like I must be doing something wrong and then I talk to other moms and realize we all have those days. Hope today is better!