Monday, October 25, 2010

It's a barrel of laughs around here today

(Sorry another post with no pics...I suck.)

This morning I told Avery that her Aunt is flying in from Hawaii tomorrow for a visit. She was pretty excited. I told her that her Aunt has a baby in her belly. She stopped and lifted up her shirt and pointed at her belly. I said "yes, she has a baby in her belly and she's going to come see us". Still looking a little puzzled she said "She ate it"? I started laughing and said "yes, honey, she ate it". I am NOT having THAT talk with my 22 month old.

It's not uncommon for Avery to start bugging me for lunch a few minutes after breakfast is cleaned up. Today, after her morning snack, she started right away. "Mom, eats. Mom, eats." When I finally told her that I was going to make lunch she walked/ran into the kitchen with her eyes closed (another favorite new trick) and PLOWED into the refrigerator at full speed. She opened her eyes and looked stunned. I was doubled over laughing. She said "mommy not funny" and I couldn't help but start laughing all over again.

Yesterday when I was cleaning the wood floors I pledged them with the dust mop when I was finished. We had fun last night slipping and sliding around in our socks a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Today, she doesn't think it's nearly as hilarious since she keeps falling down when she tries to run on the floor.

There is never a boring moment around here. She keeps me in stitches daily.

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