Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leeeeeaaaaavin with a uhaul trailer.

(That so doesn't work, but now you're singing the song aren't you.)

I have an announcement to make. WE have an announcement to make.

Avery and I are moving to Phoenix.

I accepted a position as a travel nurse in the Greater Phoenix area, I report for duty January 3rd. I have a 3 month contract with the option of extending if I choose.

I'm not sure if this means we are staying in Phoenix, if we will return to the Midwest, or if we move on to another location. I'm oddly ok with not knowing what's going to happen and at peace with my decision.

I wanted to go to Arizona in the spring for similar reasons and for completely different reasons. I was running away from my problems and differences and running toward what I thought would be the good life. Not going in the spring has allowed relationships to be repaired and for me to learn to appreciate the little things. Things, truly do, happen for a reason.

So, in the time between now and when I pull out of my driveway to make possibly the longest cross country road trip of my life, I have eleven million things to do. Calls to make, contracts to sign, paper work to fill out, boxes to pack, and a house that is STILL on the market.

Bear with me as I spend roughly the next 10 weeks jacked up on caffeine, pulling my hair out, and living amongst the crazy that ensues when you make a move to the other side of the continent.

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Canadian Bald Guy said...

That's such a huge life change...kudos to make that decision a as a single mom. Congrats on the new position!

Best of luck!