Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm about to get a teeeny bit puppies and rainbows on y'all. Sorry, it won't last long.

I have this sitting next to my work space in my "office".


I love it. I love to look at it. It's been inspiring me a lot lately. Not only to snap more photos, but to keep calm. Just breatheeeeee. It helps me to remember that no matter what the outcome, everything is going to be ok. It always is.


I also love that next to it is a photo of my best friend and I years ago?

I got this on etsy from the KeepCalmShop. I also love the "Keep Calm and Drink Wine" as well as the "Keep Calm and Carry On". Actually, there are a number of them that I LOVE and could use. Go check them out. They are very reasonably priced and even has a buy 3 get 1 free deal.

And then? I found their other etsy shop! And oh.em.gee. I'm in love with this print! It makes me smile and would look great in my work space.

And next to that is my Nook, which I will be taking with me to Hawaii in a couple weeks on the off chance that my child lets me enjoys a sentence or two. But, I need some new books. That's where I turn to you, my darling readers.

I need some suggestions.

I like easy reads, things that I don't have to concentrate too hard on and I can put down and pick right back up. I recently read: Dear John, The Last Song, PS I Love You (again), Twilight (I know, I know) and a book by Jane Green. I enjoy reading but it has to be something I can just read for a few minutes a day and not get lost. I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to reading at one time.



Sara B said...

I love to read - I usually read 1 book a week on my Kindle.
Here's some recent favs:

Fluffy Stuff:
Twenties Girl
The Late, Lamented Molly Marx
You'll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again

Not so Fluffy:
Little Bee
The Irresistable Henry House
The Lacuna
Still Missing

andygirl said...

I don;t know that we have the same taste in books. but what I found an easy read and sped through were the Stieg Larsen books. get all three and just read one after the other. just a helpful hint: book one doesn't get good until page 100 so just skim those first pages. :)

Justin said...

I love ready Jodi Picult books. She wrote My Sister's Keeper. All of her books seem to have a little twist and some kind of trial in them. They are super easy reads, not hard to follow, and it doesn't feel like work to understand them. The Time Travelers Wife is an EXCELLENT book as well. The movie wasn't that great but I really enjoyed the book!! Hope you find one for Hawaii-SO jealous :)

Deanna said...

haha the one above is from Deanna. I was signed in under our wedding account and it starts with justin. I can't find a place to edit the comment sorry friend!

Jennifer said...

Jodi Picult books are great! I would also suggest Meg Cabot books. She wrote the Princess Diary series for teens, but she also has some fantastically funny adult reads. The Stephanie Plum Number series is VERY enjoyable and I always find myself laughing. The Help is an incredible book I recently finished. I just started The Time Traveler's Wife (books are usually always better than the movie)and I like it so far. I read A LOT....that is what one does when one's hubby is in law school and when cats don't require much attention..... :)

Eileen said...

anything by janet evanovich--especial the number series. They are pee your pants funny. All her stuff is actually.
Jennifer Crusie is funny too.
Nora Roberts is a standby for easy to read and won't get lost
I've read all of Stuart Woods books as well. They are fluffy but are about a retired nypd detective attorney and crime. They are light and fast reads though.

I like lots of fluffy funny chick girls after being a history major in college and deciding I didn't want to think much anymore. I can send you a better list on FB