Monday, February 7, 2011

Pics of the babe.


I just love her crazy hair! And look how long it's getting!


Someone's face met the corner of the bathroom cabinet door this morning.





Pics like this I love my lightscoop, but as a general rule I CAN'T wait for my speedlite to come in the mail.

Aaaaaaand I'm off to bleach the grout in my shower. :/


andygirl said...

she's so freaking cute! her hair is awesome.

Amanda said...

Avery is such a pretty girl!! I love her hair... it is such a great texture! She will be able to do lots of fun stuff with it as she gets older!

Jen said...

Thanks Andy!
Amanda I french braided piggy tails yesterday and it was SO much easier than mine and my sisters hair is!

Eileen said...

I love the pictures! she is adorable and her hair is beautiful!
I cracked up at your bleach comment at the bottom, and then checked out the grout in my bathroom. Sigh, I need to drink a lot of coffee and do some major dusting.
I had some black friends in college who had me braid their hair, and it STAYS, unlike my hair at that age which was super fine and would fall out of anything.