Saturday, February 26, 2011

What would you do?

A Facebook friend recently posted "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" (Thanks Ash!) And it really got me thinking.

What WOULD I do if I knew anything was possible?

I would leave nursing, or at least cut down to supplemental, and pursue photography full time. I would invest in a good computer, a few more lenses, and a new body.

I'd pack up and move sooner rather than later. To a beach house. Where I could play on the beach with Avery every day.

Going back to school has always interested me, but not for nursing in particular. Maybe I would take some photography classes? Get a photography degree?

Avery and I would travel. A lot. We would see places in Europe, the Carribean, and South America.

We'd learn languages. And eat new foods. (Oh I'd take a cooking class...or twelve.)

I'd make cheeseburgers good for you and chocolate would be a necessary food group. ;)

I'd cure cancer and immunological diseases.

What about you? What would YOU do if anything was possible? If, no matter what, you knew you would succeed. I would love to hear your responses.


andygirl said...

mmm that sounds lovely. I'd take my friends traveling. I'd buy a cozy house by the coast. I'd start a magazine for writing and photography and publish all my friends. I'd adopt a baby. *sigh*

Jen said...

That sounds amazing Andy! Can I work at your magazine and be your nanny? ;)