Thursday, April 8, 2010

How dense am I?!

I was sitting in the bathroom tonight watching Avery "swim" in the bathtub and thought maybe MAYBE we were working on a molar. She would only eat soft foods today, chewing on things, etc. Remember the pic I posted oh, yesterday was it?

Tonight she was sitting on my lap after her bath and after I tamed the 'fro. I stuck my finger in her mouth and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR THERE'S A MOLAR IN THERE!! No WONDER she was still so grumpy and acting like she was teething after tooth #8 came in last week. We got #7, #8, #9 BAM BAM BAM all within 3 weeks-ish. Oh plus did I mention Avery was sick in that time too? Poor little bebe. After some more feeling around I think #10, the same molar on the other side, isn't far off. At least with the sickies gone she's back to sleeping all night.


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