Thursday, April 29, 2010

Out foxed by a toddler

I KNOW she's ready for the big girl potty and has been for some time.

I ask throughout the day, "Avery do you need your diaper changed". Which is always answered with a "no" or a "yep". No reply means there is poop, she doesn't enjoy having her butt wiped. She will also bring me a diaper in a very CHANGE ME WOMAN manner. She sits on the potty when I go to the bathroom.

The other day she sat on the potty in the living room and watched Yo Gabba Gabba and brushed her teeth (a favorite past time of hers). I sat beside her and we clapped and sang with YGG and laughed. After all that time, NO RESULTS.....grrrrrr. Put a diaper on her, poop. Avery: 98749283741039875938, Mommy: 0. She still hasn't even gone pee pee in the potty yet. She'll sit and sit and sit and stand up and pee on the floor.

Awesome sauce.

My toddler is incredibly stubborn. I guess since I'm not really pushing it I shouldn't be that surprised. But COME ON ALREADY the little ::ahem:: angel can freaking tell me when she needs a diaper change.

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