Monday, April 26, 2010

Toddler diaper changing should be an olympic sport

No seriously. There's been more than one occasion that one or both of us come up a little breathless and damp in the pits.

Take tonight for example. It all began with screaming and flailing. So I assume my normal foot on each arm pose (imagine that will ya) and attempt to grab both feet/weapons with one hand and wipe/powder/new diaper with the other. Oh good, the fit has escalated to stiff as a board. Well, at least she isn't trying to kick me in the face anymore. But I just.....can't....get....the.....legs.....apart to pull up the diaper. So I pry them apart and she assumes a pose much like a frog on their back, all the while my feet are still pinning her down. Diapers up, almost done. Ah, the flailing is back. Oh, oh, oh wait! Diaper is wiggled off. Back to square one.

After much panting and wrestling and screaming the diaper is on and both tabs are somewhat secure. Stand child up and let her run around without pants. I'm not feeling that brave this diaper change. Awe, isn't that cute. One butt cheek is sticking out. Do I even attempt to fix it or pray she doesn't have a poop this time?

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