Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm a To Do Lister...

it gets me through my day. It's not always written down, in fact it rarely is. I love mentally checking something off my list. It's the "Type A" in me.

You know what else I love? Office supplies. Yup, office supplies. Paper and pens and folders oh my! Buying school supplies was always my favorite part of back to school time. Odd, I know.

Recently my to do lists have started to grow quite large, due mostly to the changes I'm looking into. And you know what, it makes me giddy. Office supply giddy, to do list giddy, excitement giddy, unknown giddy, ORGANIZATIONAL GIDDY!

Perhaps my mother should have stopped us from chewing on the window sills when we were younger instead of singing Billy Ray Cirus. Oh, yes you did mother I know you're denying it right now. Folks be not mistaken, my mother, the rock listener was once a devout country music fan. WE KNOW YOU KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO ACHY BREAKY HEART!!!!! She always did love a man with a mullet.

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Mom/Grandma said...

I think chewing on the window sill has done far more damage than anyone every guessed!! lol You were always the organized one in the family!! However, I am also a lister, my darling daughter. I love a list. I listened to rock when I was younger(cough, cough) I strayed away for a while but, I came back to my roots....lol
I will do my best to pass this on to my wonderful, beautiful grand daughter!! LOL Love you both!!!