Friday, April 16, 2010

I've been keeping a dirty little secret

Well, a couple of them. I'm not ready to let one out of the bag just yet. Actually, this one hasn't been intentional. It only just happened.

Avery and I are packing our bags and heading to......wait for it.....HAWAII!! We leave in FOUR WEEKS! It wasn't even anything I've been considering or tossing around. "Do you want to go to Hawaii and see your sister?" And the next day BAM ticket booked. Just like that. I did toss it around for a bit. Should I spend the money? How on earth am I going to entertain Avery on that long of a flight. But you know what, I'm going to see my sister, nearly my whole family is. And when will I ever get to go again for this cheap?! Money shouldn't be holding me back from seeing my sister before she deploys. So, it's a done deal. I've been collecting little things to entertain Avery on the plane. Books, crayons, paper, a full season of Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPod Touch, snacks, and etch a sketch, etc. And since we're already experienced in plane travel I know what was helpful and what wasn't and I know to PACK LIGHT!

So, the Hawaii diet was effective the moment the words "Do you want to go to Hawaii and see your sister" registered in my head. I'm down 10lbs since I started this new chapter, oh 23 days ago. I'd LOVE to lose 10-15 more before we jump on that plane. Is it possible? Will you help me? I need tips/motivation/words of encouragement. Keep me on track. Because four weeks from today I will have my toes in the sand and a cold, fruity drink in my hand.

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Amanda said...

How fun!!!All of Deric's family is going to Hawaii in August. They booked it a year about because his parents have a timeshare. We told them no...because we thought we would have or be having a baby by then! HA How life doesn't work out like it is planned. Anyhow, I am so bummed that I could be sitting in the sand with a drink in hand also! I hope ya'll have fun! Give your sister a hug for me!