Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's stuck

I feel like I have a post. But it's stuck. In my fingertips. I rest my fingers on the keys and nothing comes out.

I'm working on a guest post for another blog. And it's stuck too.

::le sigh::

Y'all don't forget to enter my fabulous giveaway! I'm accepting entries until Friday night!

Today is my sisters due date. My niece is still happily baking away. She's stubborn....like her mama. But, this means that she will be younger when I go visit her in March so KEEP COOKING KEIANNA!! Stay in there until they MAKE you come out! (I'm sure I'm jinxing myself with this so, Tiff, you're welcome.)


andygirl said...

when I get stuck, I just write about nothing until a post comes out.


Tiffani said...

Haha well if your jinxing works then here is my early thank you, "THANK YOU JEN!!!!!!!!!!!" but if not then "Jen, you suck-tremendously" but either way i still love you and I am SUPER excited for you to come out here in March!!!!!!

Mom/Grandma said...

is that anything like having a burp stuck......lol