Sunday, January 2, 2011

That time I had nothing to say

I've been sitting here tap tap tapping the keyboard for 20 minutes.

Admittedly, I have been absorbed in my new DVD. Have I mentioned today how much I adore Glee? AH-DORE. And Puck? With that guitar? RAWR! Love, love, love. I don't know that it's ever been a secret that I have a weakness for a man that can play guitar. It has? Oh, well, now you know.

Guys? Can I just say? The days since I haven't heard from Aves' dad have been GREAT. I know, horrible right?! But I'm not worrying about arguments or phone calls or being a bad person because I won't meet halfway. It's been lovely. Avery did ask today to call him. I just told her daddy was sleeping (it was 7 this morning, our time) and she didn't ask again. And I haven't heard a single peep from him. Which I AM happy about, but confused as to how someone can just walk away so easily. Further proof of his intentions?

Tomorrow was supposed to be the day I started my new job in Phoenix. Things don't work out for a reason, I get that. I'm actually okay with how things are right now. My nose has been numb for a good solid month, but we're managing.

Dudes? I give up, I'm going to watch Glee.



Canadian Bald Guy said...

You made the right decision. He obviously did not want to be a father...a REAL Avery so she is MUCH better off like this, especially knowing he hasn't fought your decision tooth and nail like he should.

Hope your 2011 brings you the joy and happiness that you deserve.

Oh...and Glee is awesome.


Jen said...

Thanks CBG. I struggled with this decision for a long time. Back and forth and back and forth. Things are SO much better since I haven't heard from him. It takes a lot more than just DNA to be a parent, and he just isn't one. No matter how hard I try he never will be one, she deserves more.

Eileen said...