Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random musings

I can't even concentrate enough right now to form a coherent though. And tweetdeck IS NOT HELPING. You hear me TWEETDECK? I'm about to turn your ass off TWEETDECK. Every time I get a tweet and that box pops up I just have to see what it is. And all the football players I follow are tweeting about playoffs and a few people are tweeting about wine which is making me want wine and....wait, what?

I don't know where I was going with that.

I made a budget today. Like a real, adult, monies accounted for budget. Look at me!! I'm a grown up! Bought time right? Meh, I've done alright thus far, but I want to do a lot better. So...TADA...budget.

Day 2 of potty training (potty learning? I don't give an eff what you call it, my kid is putting her waste in a potty.) is going swimmingly. We had, I believe, 5 accidents yesterday and today we had 4 total. Yesterday she was only in panties about 7 hours. Today she went from 8am to 8pm with an hour and a half in a diaper for her nap. We didn't even plan on starting this but I showed her the Dora panties I had shoved in the back of her drawer from a previous failed potty training attempt and she LOVED them. And OH.EM.GEEE. we CAN'T pee on "Deedee". When she pees she gets up and runs around bare assed singing "peepee in the potty, peepee in the potty". And we dump her potty in the big potty and she flushes and waves and says "bye peepee". Hilarious right? My kid is jazzed about bodily functions. Whatever floats your boat kid, lets just be consistent, mmmkay?

Also? I made a list of things to pack for Hawaii. I'm fairly certain it's a complete list. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW MOTHER?!?! But I refuse to start buying travel toiletries or bring the suitcase down from upstairs. So, hmph.

I'll pay someone, in cookies (cash bribes aren't in the budget) to put away my laundry. I have a MASSIVE pile on my desk. You know, that space I'm supposed to be getting my work done? Yeah, that has moved to the living room and the laundry pile has continued to grow. I haven't unpacked the bedroom yet either from the pseudo-move. My bedroom is always the most neglected area of the house.


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LiBBy said...

Will Put Away Laundry for Damned Good Cookies. Call Me.
fellow Dangerous Blogger