Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I’m a planner.


I know I should start thinking about this trip to see my sister at the beginning of March. But, meh. We’ve done it before. Only this time I’m making the 12 hour flight ALONE with the toddler BOTH WAYS. We flew home alone last summer but it was night and she, thankfully, slept most of it. And this time I HAVE to buy her a seat so I don’t have to worry about hoping for an empty one next to us. Which means? More room, woot! And I know she’s a nerd so a backpack full of books, stickers, and crayons will keep her busy for HOURS.

And if she starts screaming I’ll be all OMG YOU’RE EMBARRASING ME!! And we will see who does it louder. Because I paid for a quiet flight too, I don’t know who this little person is next to me.

I swear, I’ll start a list soon. I’m really only worried about the carry-ons. We didn’t wear most of our clothes we packed last time. That’s gross right? But when I wear a dress to dinner I think it’s perfectly acceptable to hang it back up and wear it two days later. Oh, eff off, I spray it with perfume before I wear it again. The babe spent most of the time in sundresses which are super simple to pack and change diapers around.

Speaking of: would someone mind showing me some cute sundresses for myself? The little human will look cute in a brown paper sack, I’m not worried about her. I? Need something to cover the huge knockers. But, not too covered, I’m not Pentecostal. I’m not generally a huge fan of sundresses but they were uber convenient on our trip and even in the airport. I wore a floor length maxi dress on the flight home and I was super comfortable the whole flight, minus the sleeping toddler I held all night. My only real requirement is that I HAVE to be able to wear a bra with it. HAVE TO!

But, I’ll get my arse in gear. Soon-ish.


Mom/Grandma said...

You better. I already have my list made and remade. Kinda hoping that we can meet up at a layover, so we get there at the same time

Tiffani said...

OMG! First your whole planning thing sucks lol jk hurry up and get things in order will you, i cant wait for you to get here! Of course mom has already made and remade her list...and probably packed and repacked her bags that are waiting by the door 12 billion times. But seriously, GET HERE ALREADY! (im not entirely sure if all of that was meant for you guys or for Keianna too)