Friday, March 12, 2010

I love thunderstorms.

There is nothing better than crawling into bed and listening to a storm. Hearing the rain hit the roof and the claps of thunder are incredibly soothing to me. I sleep so much better during storms than I do any other time. It doesn't matter the time of day, I'll sleep like a baby until the storm passes. If I'm already asleep when a storm rolls in, I'll have no idea it happened when I wake up.

A storm came in today for a brief time. Mommy and Avery both snuggled on the couch and dozed while the rain came down. It was DIVINE. It melts my cold, decrepit heart that Avery still loves to snuggle with her mommy. She still wants to be rocked before bed every night and she still sleeps with mommy if she doesn't feel so good. She's growing up right before my eyes. It's staggering to see how much she's changed in just a year. I'm glad there is still something she needs her mommy for.

It's still sprinkling a bit and I'm fighting sleep. I think I might just give in. At 9:30pm. On a Friday night.

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Amy said...

I agree. I love storms. We're still dealing with ..ehm... snow around here, so it'll be a few months before we see some storms. :)