Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sometimes shopping is such a chore

Bear with me y'all because there is about to be a bit of complaining.

Some days I DREAD leaving the house with Avery. Only some days. Today was a some day. I left the house in search of very specific items. I get Avery in the car and back down the driveway. ACHOOOOOOOOO. She sneezes the biggest sneeze I have heard from her. OH EM GEE there is snot ALL OVER her face. I shake my fist at you allergy season! I put the car in park and go around and clean up the mess. Blanky, cheerios, and milk and we're on our way again. Upon arriving at our destination I pull Avery out of the car. Awesome, her carseat is covered in cheerios. Clean out the cereal, crap she lost a shoe...put shoe on, go inside. Wipe off a cart, put child in said cart, wipe snot again. Every single item I put in the cart had to first pass the inspection of Avery. Lord knows I can't sneak in a single item without showing her first and letting her play with it. This store doesn't carry the specific items I left in search of. Sweet. I pay for our purchases, wipe snot, put items in car, put child in car, wipe snot, give cereal, give blanky, leave.

Drive to second store in search of items. Oh, Avery lost her blanky, give back blanky, pick up thrown snack cup which makes child mad, turn up radio to drown screaming child out, wipe snot, dance with now happy child to the music, wipe snot. Arrive at second store. Put on shoes again, clear out cereal, pack blanky and cereal in bag for inside the store. Wipe down cart, put child in. Crap bum wheel, clean new cart, put child in. Walk around the store THREE times looking for said items. All the while dodging cheerios and wiping snot. Leave store, wrestle child back into carseat. Contemplate a trip to THIRD store, but Avery could use a nap. Point car towards home, dance with child, retrieve blanky, clap, and play tickle the thighs at the stop light. Go home, change a diaper, rock Avery and put her to bed.

Two hours and two stores and I'm exhausted. Oh, and I still didn't find the items I was in search of.

There. I'm done. Days like today I'm thankful that I only have one child. How fun would that be times two, or THREE! And Avery is a good child, sure she's loud, but she's not that bad. I'm just more annoyed than anything that I didn't find what I was looking for after all that.

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