Saturday, March 27, 2010

Squeaky clean and earth friendly!

My washer and dryer are a piece. Literally. They were manufactured in at least the 80s but I'm thinking it's somewhere closer to the 70s. The dryer has rust in it and sometimes it transfers to our clothing. (Or white down blankets.) Lately I've noticed that some of Avery's shirts have come out with chunks of food still on them. Does this mean her diapers aren't even really getting clean? They use a ridiculous amount of water for a medium load, let alone a large load. The dryer takes at least 90 minute to dry a load of clothes.

Get the picture?

This week I went out and bought a BRAAAAAAAND SPANKING NEW washer AND dryer. No I have not hit the lottery. I did not pay full price, not even close. I was fed up with the state of our clothes and grossed out that they only get "kinda" clean. Heck, I could swirl them around in the bathtub and do a better job. I was at the Sears Outlet and stumbled upon these beauties:

The washer and dryer look EXACTLY the same, aside from some wording on some buttons. Both load on the top, like a washer. This is the Fisher & Paykel Intuitive eco model. The washer uses 75% less water than standard models. It has auto sensing water levels so I don't have to remember to set the water level lower or higher. It has so many cool options. My fav so far: a DIAPER RINSE! Y'all this thing KNOWS there are crazy cloth diapering hippies out there! It rinses out the diapers before a wash even starts. I can set the level of dirtiness or the type of clothing I'm putting in it. Or I can set it on auto and it will sense the types of clothing. ABSURD! I can set it on stains and what type of stains. Whether it's grass or wine or blood. How crazy is that?! It has favorites that I can program to wash specific things (like the wash routine for the diapers) and will "handwash" delicates, even wool. But what I may like the most? The energy star sticker tells me I can run this washer for $11 a YEAR. ELEVEN DOLLARS A YEAR! I think it cost me $11 every time I LOOKED at my old washer. The dryer is just as smart. It can sense the fabric, dampness, and weight of the load and only runs until the clothes are dry. Oh, and it has a wrinkle free option. The dryer is HUGE! It also beeps when it is done so the clothes don't sit in there. (If you know me, this is a fantastic option to put on a dryer in my house.)

After they were installed I put in a load of diapers (gotta break 'em in proper) and they just seemed so much cleaner when they came out. They were only slightly damp when they came out of the washer and dried in the dryer in no time. They were soft and I didn't smell ANYTHING on them. I know it's gross y'all but sometimes her diapers would come out and smell a I had to take bleach to them to kill whatever bacteria was living in them to give them that smell. Of course that's more washing and rinsing since we have sensitive skin around here and can't use bleach and it makes the diapers break down faster. Another perk, they use a fraction of the detergent other washers use. Another money saver!

So far I give the new washer and dryer two HUGE thumbs up and a jersey shore fist pump.

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