Sunday, March 21, 2010

Naughty words

I'm not much of a naughty word user. I try to watch what I say for the most part, with the exception of work. I'm not the first nurse that has said work just brings it out of them. (And no, we don't say naughty words around the kids.) The other day we got a new reason to watch what we say more carefully.

My brother came in the house and said the word that starts with S and ends with H-I-T. Immediately we heard the same word from a cute little parrot. On a different occasion my mom said the same word, and again was repeated. So now we are REALLY watching what we say around little miss Avery. It's not such a big deal at my house, it's just her and I. The real issue is going to be at my parents. I hope we can nip this before it becomes an issue.

"No more naughty words!"

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