Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring/summer clothes...

I pulled out all of Avery's clothes for the upcoming season. One of the things to get done on my to do list while off work. I went through everything to see what else she would need for the spring/summer. Pretty sure that she doesn't need A THING! Here's the inventory:

9 dresses
9 outfits
10 pants/shorts/skirts
4 pajamas
20 shirts (TWENTY!)
2 sandals
2 "summery" shoes
4 swimsuits
3 sunhats
1 raincoat
3 jackets/hoodies

Add this to the pants, shirts, pajamas, dresses and shoes that can be carried over from the winter and I think we are set for the summer! Oh and we have some things for the next winter.(6 shirts, jacket, 2 pr gloves, 2 sweaters, sweatpants)

I love buying things at the end of the season. As I was looking through it most everything had a clearance sticker on it. $2 here, $4 there. I only bought things $20 or $30 at a time and just put them back in a large rubbermaid tote in the bottom of her closet along with the things that other people have gotten for her. So now I have her whole wardrobe for the season and I don't feel like I spent a ton of money and didn't have to drop it all at one time!

I'm looking into other ways to save money. We're doing ok now, but I'd like to tighten the belt a bit to pay off some debt and build a little savings. I need to get better about using coupons. I do rather well at buying on sale but a coupon would help on top of it. Someone recently told me that they buy their milk and some dry goods at dollar general and this helps them. Genius!

What are you doing to buckle down? Who wants to help this one income family out with some tips? I've made steps in the right direction. For example:

1. We don't use paper towel. I have a basket of small towels on the counter in my kitchen that we use. I thought no paper towels would really bother me, but honestly, I never even missed them.

2. Cloth diapering. A sizable up front cost but now I rarely spend anything on diapers. I do keep disposables in the house for at night occasionally and when the babe wears jeans. She has a big booty and with the big diaper she doesn't fit in jeans. Also, when traveling.

3. I've been more conscious about our energy consumption. Almost nothing remains plugged in all the time. We got the awesome washer and dryer and all of our lights are compact florescent.

4. I have a clothes line in the back yard that I can't wait to start using again. This really helped me last summer to avoid the ancient piece of crap that was my old dryer.

5. I really want to have a small garden this year. Like REALLY REALLY. I'm looking into options that would be best suited for us.

6. In conjunction with the garden, I've been tossing around the idea of a compost bin Look y'all, I told you I was kind of a hippy. This really shouldn't shock you.

7. I've been thinking of getting rid of the cable. GASP! I don't mind so much for me, I'm just thinking of Avery and her beloved Nick Jr. She watches a few shows a day which makes me think I could just buy them on DVD and save over $50 a month there. I absolutely MUST have internet.

So maybe I'll do some more mulling around in my head on money saving tips. I'd LOVE to hear what you do!

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Mom/Grandma said...

Poor little girl! She has nothing to wear. Keep the cable call the cable company and demand a better price. Make it a point to go at least once a month out with friends. Mommy has to have time away to regroup, and have adult unrelated conversation.